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Company Profile :

Woojung Tech Co., Ltd is a worldwide manufacturer of machinery specifically for use within the cosmetics / make-up industry.


Products :

  • LIPFIL-3AL - Designed for both soft molding and metal molding lipsticks.
  • Advantages of soft molding include the reduction of pin holes in the mold giving a higher quality / shiny surface finish.
  • Allows Lipstick designs to bemore flexible allowing art work to be embossed on the surface of lipstick.
  • Servo controlled dosing device with cleaning function .
  • Post-heating device to remove the shrink holes on lipstick
  • Portable double jacket vessels with stirrer
  • Capacity : 30-40 lipsticks/min
  • JPRESS-8D - Is designed for is for mono-colour cosmetic powder products such as two-way cake, compact, eye shadow and other powder products.
  • The mould consists of middle/bottom parts, punch. Bottom part is movable to adjust volume of powder depending on powder's shadow (dome, flat and toher) and its bulk formulation .
  • Applying godet shape : round shape, square shape, etc.
  • Capacity : 30-40 godets/min (depending on bulk formulation, size of godet & filling size).
  • MONOFIL-3A - Automatic nail polish filling and packaging machine.
  • Content under update -Call for more details
  • MASFIL-3A - Automatic mascara filling and packaging machine.
  • Content under update -Call for more details
  • SWIRLFIL-3D - Is designed for the 3-4 color cosmetic lip gloss products such as lipstick and order cosmetic products.
  • Target products : Lispstick, Lipgloss and Hot fill products.
  • Hydraulic design filling system.
  • The product handling consists of a two part silicon ring.
  • Acetal changeparts allow adjustment to the volume of lip gloss depending on container shape.
  • Capacity : 10 - 30 per/min (Depended on bulk formulation, filling volume & design of swirl).
  • TUBEFIL-1000 - Is an Automatic tube filling & closing machine suitable for the tubular type products made from either laminate, plastic or metal.
  • Target products : Nail polish, Acetone and alcoholic liquids products.
  • Brush feeder, sorter and loading device
  • Omron PLC & Flame proof control board .
  • One additional changing parts for filling device with 30L vessel for the quick changeover
  • Capacity : 35-45 tubes/min (Based on a 15ml fill)

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