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Logic TPS Limited
2 Moulsham Copse Lane,
GU46 7RG

Tel : +44 (0) 1252 879771
e-mail :



Company Profile :

At Logic TPS Ltd., we design and manufacture a complete range of innovative packaging equipment. Your single source for quality, reliability and service.

Complementing our vast array of self-manufactured Packaging Machines, we also supply quality equipment from other leading manufacturers to offer single source responsibility.

Superior Service
Our complete product support includes turnkey line integration, system validation, installation, set-up, operational training and comprehensive product documentation. This “total solution” approach reduces installation and maintenance costs.

Customer Focus
With equipment and services that optimize productivity, we create competitive advantages for processors and packagers in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic/personal care, household chemical, food, beverage and other manufacturing industries.

Specializing in complete line integration, Logic TPS Ltd. offers the following turnkey packaging lines.

Filling Equipment: Tablet and capsule counters, desiccant feeders, and cottoners.

Closing Machines: In-line and high-speed rotary cappers, induction sealers, cap retorquers and tamper-evident banders.

Labeling and Decorating Solutions: Pressure sensitive labelers, including automatic and semi-automatic, in-line and rotary systems as well as thermo-sensitive, cold glue and print and apply labelers.

Material Handling Systems: Bottle unscramblers, conveyors, accumulating tables, turntables, bottle handling systems, leaflet and literature outserters, cap elevators and bulk tablet elevators.

Line Accessories: Inspection, verification, line efficiency and monitoring technology, including bar code readers, vision systems, emergency stop, reject devices, centralized PLC controls, imprinters and full security systems as well as validation support.



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Contact Us
Please feel free to contact us for further information about the products and services we offer.


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