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PCE Touch-Terminal


PCE Touch-Terminal - a modern operating-, input- and control device for code reading systems at pharmaceutical packaging facilities.

The easy to operate and highly informative device gives a clear view of the inspection activities at a single packaging machine or a complete line. A LCD- display, three colour all around flashing lights and a LED-row communicate the actual information and reading results. The handling is plain and easily done by slightly touching the text- and symbol- patches at the LCD- display.


With the Touch- Terminal the operator has access to the important operating functions of all connected sensor control-, code reading-, black/white image processing units and colour camera image processing systems.

The simple cascaded menu navigation allows the operator in charge to alter and re-programme the connected control units due to a change of batch, - key protected. Protected by another key the expert gets access to the service functions of the equipment, which principally allow all settings of the connected sensor units and also the Touch- Terminal itself (as far as the configuration is concerned).
A connection via the RS232 interface to all system parties also enables remote connection with a PC, handheld terminals, bar code readers, printers, etc. for system checks, data backups, loggings and so on.

Whether the PCE Touch- Terminal comes with a colour or a black/white display, it performs as an ideal operating unit with minimal settings at simple machines, as well as operating- and inspection entity for a complete packaging line, for it permits the operation of up to twelve control units (optionally up to 64). By connection and conversion of the RS232 interface to a RS484 interface the networking to superior computers is possible, which are in charge of managing several packaging lines or even packaging facilities.

User friendly

Operation is done by slight touching the text- and symbol- patches at the black/white or colour- LCD- display, which is background illuminated. The LCD- surface is made of glass and therefore easily to clean.

Operator guidance advantages
* Well-defined presentation of all inspection- sensor- activities at the front menu of the display
* Situation adapted altering display control elements with text- or symbol patches that are self- explanatory
* Self- explanatory menu navigation through all operation- and menu levels
* Concurrent display of the most important information, of:
o Bar code scanners
o Print inspections
o Label- and leaflet- presence inspections, etc.


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