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Control Systems ------------ We can provide a wide range of product control systems to suit most applications, from simple to highly complex.



Colour Blister ControlPowerful Powerful precision colour blister-inspection system, which consistently fulfils FDA requirements

Black & White Blister Control........or Intelligent image processing camera for control of tablets in blister foil

Data Matrix Code Reading -These intelligent camera systems are designed for fast, but safe Datamatrix code or Pharmaceutical binary code reading and print mark detection.



Ampule Colour Ring Inspection -- -A specialised, highly integrated colour image processing camera is the hi-tech solution for colour code scanning on labels and ampoule control machines


Label Control Legibility control
Of variable prints, expiry date, lot no, origin etc. on labels, cartons, films etc


OCV / OCR -------bbbb------------ Designed for reading of printed characters, logos and icons, as well as for controlling many barcodes and additional printed marks

    Vignette & Bolini Tracking s Systems for checking and Tracing Vignette and Bolini Labels through productionand packaging.     Bar Code Reading
Scanners, sensors and terminals to verify code and other important features of pharmaceutical packaging

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