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Versatile Application
The VISOMAT IV is used for visual inspection of ampoules, carpoules, vials, infusion bottles and syringes according to foreign particles in the content as well as defects of the container and the closure. The machine can be operated as stand-alone unit or alternatively be integrated between a filling machine and a labeller. The VISOMAT IV can be universally used for a format rage from 1 ml to 1.000 ml.

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All-round Inspection
Various illumination options are available to allow for best possible product-specific inspection. Tyndall lights as well as polarised light in combination with lens and mirrors from above and below ensure safe fault detection through the operator.

Major Advantages

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Considerably increased output and accuracy compared to completely manual inspection.

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Improved working place ergonomics with specially formed arm rests, sufficient knee space and control elements in the reach of the operator.

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Tyndall-illumination refracting concentrated light at foreign particles enormously supports fault detection.

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Menu-guided machine operation with clear text alarm messages.

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Infinitely adjustable fast pre-rotation to whirl up particles and slow control rotation for all-round product inspection.

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Automatic reject system ensures convenient ejection of faulty products without output reduction.

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Tool-less product changeover within a few minutes.


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Inspection cabinet

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Magnification lens for fault detection

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Marking by finger-point

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Reject station to eject faulty products


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Infeed belt

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Product infeed

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Product outfeed



Example of use:
System solution for syringe handling

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Magazine for syringes is a vibratory feed bowl. Syringe transfer system via inclined moveable rollers to the infeed star wheel and the inspection area. Syringes will move via clamping belt direct to a counting unit and into customized trays.


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Technical Data

Welded stainless steel frame.
Product contact parts in stainless steel or FDA-approved synthetic materials.
Modular design
1-lane model VISOMAT IV
2-lane model VISOMAT IV-2
4-lane model VISOMAT IV-4
Up to 8.000 products per lane and hour
Inspection criteria
Foreign particles, container defects such as glass breakage or cracks, incorrect closures.

Inspection angle
Inspection takes place under an angle of 60°
Operation modes
a) continuous operation
b) Intermittent operation with adjustable cycle time and quantity
Working height
approx. 900 mm, adjustable
Format changeover
Tool-less format changeover within a few minutes.
400 V, 3 Ph + N + PE, 50 Hz, approx. 1,4 kW




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