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Description: DIASORT

Description: DIASORT
The DIASORT automatically checks products such as dragees, tablets, hard gelatin capsules but as well hard-boiled candies, chewing gums etc. regarding diameter and length.

Description: DIASORT

Major Advantages

Description: DIASORT

GMP design with all stainless steel machine

Description: DIASORT

State of the art machine conception to avoid "cross-contamination"

Description: DIASORT

Excellent to clean through tool-less assembly/disassembly of product contact parts.

Description: DIASORT

Combination with inspection machines VISOMAT I or VISOMAT II for additional inspection regarding cosmetic defects.

Description: DIASORT

Combination with ELEVATOR of TABLIFT for online synchronization with down-stream packaging machines.


Description: Bedienpult
Control panel

Description: Sortierkorb

Description: DIASORT 3

Technical Data

DIASORT 3 - 10.000 products/h
DIASORT 6 - 400.000 products/h
DIASORT 12 - 800.000 products/h

400V, 1 Ph + N + PE, 50 Hz
depend on machine type



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