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The POLICAPS is used for cleaning and high gloss polishing of hard gelatine capsules of all sizes. The POLICAPS can be operated as a stand-alone unit or in combination sith MASCHINPEX inspection machines VISOMAT I and VISOE 120T.

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Efficient Operation
The hard gelatine capsules are fed from the feed hopper to the polishing belts via a vibratory chute. The polishing belts run in opposite direction and at different speeds. This makes the capsules rotate and at the same time ensures both thorough capsule cleaning and their transport to the machine outlet.

Major Advantages

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GMP design in all stainless steel execution

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No format parts required.

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Continuous cleaning of polishing belts through incorporated vacuum unit in shielded housing.

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Simple and rapid exchange of polishing belts through quick lockers.

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Perforated vibratory feed chute to suck off dust and coarse particles prior to polishing

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Belt speed infinitely adjustable.

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Mobile through use of lockable castors.

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Safe and gentle pruct handling through use of soft natural material.


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Product outlet

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Continuous suction for constant dedusting of polishing belts.

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POLICAPS and VISOMAT I for cleaning and visual inspection of hard gelatine capsules.

Technical Data

Up to 300.000 capsules/h - depending on product and degree of contamination
Feed hopper
50 litres
Polishing belts
Made of natural material, easy to wash.

Upper belt
Belt speed constant.
Lower belt
Belt speed infinitely adjustable.
400V, 3 Ph + N + PE, 50 Hz, approx. 2,5 kW
1880 x 700 x 1510 mm


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