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Logic TPS Limited
2 Moulsham Copse Lane,
GU46 7RG

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Logic TPS Ltd. offer specialist equipment for inspection-, sorting- and feeding of pharmaceutical and confectionery products. From small-sized sorters to complex inspection system combinations. With More than 30 years of experience in this field we can offer qualified consultation and solutions from the conception, start-up, through to employee training and beyond.

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Diameter Sorting

Automatic Inspection of Diameter & Length of dragees, tabletts, hard gelatine capsules &hard-boiled candies, chewing gums etc..


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Solid Product Inspection

Inspection belt for visual inspection of tablets, dragees and capsules.


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Tablet Lifts

Feeding system for tablets, dragees and capsules in GMP design.



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Thickness Sorting

Automatic Thickness sorting of pharmaceutical- and confectionery products.



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Liquid Product Inspection

Inspection machine for visual inspection of ampoules, carpoules, vials, infusion bottles, syringes.


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capsule Polishing

Capsule cleaning and polishing machine for cleaning and high gloss polishing of hard gelatine capsules.


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