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Label, Print and Code Control


A specialised and highly integrated image processing camera is the stand-alone hi-tech solution for

Legibility control
Of variable prints, expiry date, lot no., origin etc. on labels, cartons, films etc.

Recognises the most important errors
Print, including laser or inkjet prints, which may be illegible or misinterpreted, for example:
blurred or worn character outlines, character clusters, or missing characters.

This compact hi-tech unit is simple to operate with easy interactive menu control at the monitor and the mini keyboard and requires little specialised knowledge.

A photo is taken of an original sample print and checked on the monitor. Using the mini keyboard, a frame to be checked, including print tolerance is created around the print. The teach-in key is then pressed and that is all you have to do. Additional information about the control tolerance, good and poor signals etc. can be displayed using the monitor and mini keyboard.

The camera is easy to use as a lamp is integrated in the camera and the image can be controlled on the monitor. Shutter and focusing are adjusted just once on the lens.

This is easy with a common 24V system: in the simplest of applications a trigger signal is required and an output signal given. The mini keyboard and the monitor are simple plug and go units.

Technical data

  • 300 scans/minute (typically 12 characters) to 500 scans/minute as an option, a maximum of 4 lines or 40 characters in total, scanning distance approximately 100 mm.
  • The print position tolerance depends on the defined control window.
  • The angle tolerance of the print is up to 20 degrees.



a red LED array integrated in the front of the camera


infrared flashlight for moving objects


l/b/h 198 x 60 x 45 mm without cable outlet


12V DC filtered and stable

four inputs 12-24 VDC

for time receipt, program, release and teach-in

four outputs l2-24 VDC

for good signal, poor signal, light trigger and system active


video monitor output


RS 232, connection of mini keyboard or for data transfer

System components

  • Camera with integrated image processing and LED.
  • 24 V power supply; quadruple cable set: for monitor connection, inputs and outputs 24 VDC, RS 232 or keyboard, length 2.7 m, monitor.
  • Mini keyboard


System features

  • Signal processor-driven image processing.
  • Camera chip resolution 512x51 pixels.
  • Menu-driven operation using keyboard and monitor.
  • Output of statistical data using scanning results, focus tolerances, teach-in results as well as certification, continuous recording of control details, if required, of the characters checked for certification purposes in test runs.




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