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Conveyor Systems

Super Sanitary Conveyor


Super Sanitary Conveyor was specifically designed for the pharmaceutical industry where a desire to achieve zero tablet trap areas and easily cleanable surfaces, without compromising safety and product security was paramount.

These aims where achieved by careful use of materials and consultation with customers, and has resulted in a number of conveyors which form the Super Sanitary Conveyor range.

The Super Sanitary Conveyor range is fully modular due to its inovative locking mechanism . It incorporates an integral split trunking system which is used to separate control, power cables and other services such as air etc, whilst allowing clean sides without unsightly external cables and pipes.


Aluminium Modular Conveyor



The modular Conveyor sysytem is used in many types of industry. The acetal co-polymer chain runs in high density polyethylene slide rails inside an anodised aluminium alloy extruded conveyor beam. It is capable of making sharp radius bends in either the horizontal or vertical plains with very low friction and low noise. Bends with a radius as low as 150mm are available with bend angles of 30, 45, 90 and 180. The system is ideal for manufacturers and assemblers where floor space is a major constraint as the system is three dimensional i.e. the area above interconnected machines and processes can be extensively utilised, ensuring that access to machines is not restricted. Bends and incline modules are pre-assembled ensuring that a Flex-Chain conveying system can be installed easily within a very short time-frame by using just simple hand tools.


Sushi Conveyor


The Sushi Conveyor is manufactured to a very high specification in polished stainless steel. It is made in modular sections that can be easily assembled to suit a specific restaurant arrangement. The chain used in our conveyors is moulded in polyoxymethylene which is a certified food grade plastic, it allows a very small turning radius at any angle and is very smooth and quiet running, the chain guides are manufactured from a special high molecular weight polyethylene. This provides super low co-efficient of friction.


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