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Code Scanning Technology


Scanners, Sensors and Terminals

Scanners, sensors and terminals to verify code and other important features of pharmaceutical packaging

  • Pharmacode, microcode and barcode reading
  • Multi-purpose sensor controls
  • Simple, menu-driven operation
  • For machine-, line- and building networks
  • Remote operation from PC or host
  • For single machines and complete lines


Code Reading Technology

Code management, operation and reporting according to FDA-Regulations
Using this terminal our Laser-Raster-Scanners and code-readers comply with the requirements of CFR21 Part 11, f.e.

  • Multiple password protection
  • Product database
  • Extensive batch protocol

Up to 8 Codereaders and Laser-Raster-Scanners can be connected, optional up to 64.


PCE Touch-Terminal

PCE Touch-Terminal - a modern operating-, input- and controll- unit for code reading systems in the pharmaceutical packaging industry

  • Clearly arranged representation of the connected controls
  • Easy operation with online help provided by simply touching text or symbol fields
  • It can be connected to PCs, handheld terminals, scanning pens, printers, etc. using the RS232- interface


Intelligent Sensors

Luminescence sensor UVS4
The device offers simple and reliable solutions for presence control of brochures and labels as well as for checking packaging materials with luminescent markings.

Laser-reflex-light-gate LRL 944
The accurate sensing unit can be used in many applications and is easy to install and operate. The 0.5mm thin beam is completely safe and scans even the smallest components accurately.

Distance-Sensor DIS942
The compact precision scanner can be activated for specific distances to identify parts in front of conveyors.

Colour-Sensor FAS948
The identification of true colours is ideal to verify coloured markings on pharmaceutical packaging. One colour (optional 4) can be taught by a simple teach-in process.


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