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Ampoule Colour Ring Code Control


A specialised, highly integrated colour image processing camera is the hi-tech solution for colour code scanning on labels and ampoule control machines.

Scanning of colour ring codes on ampoules

  • Adapts to most production conditions including colour deviations and printing errors
  • A flashlight integrated in the camera ensures images that are not blurred
  • Ring position tolerances can easily be handled with using just one control window that includes the complete code

Code control of coloured vial caps

  • Recognises the plastics colour cap combination and anodised aluminium colours as codes.
  • Illumination variations can be compensated by the Teach-In process, adaption of the shutter time, as well as adjusting the white balance.


This compact hi-tech unit is simple to operate with easy interactive menu control at the monitor and the mini keyboard and requires little specialised knowledge. The teach-in process of ampoules and vials can be taken directly from the original in production. Both colours and backgrounds are taught by adjustable windows.
For certification purposes, the four colour values as well as brightness and defined tolerances are available as outputs for individual teach-in colours. Data from all scans during a test run can be printed out.

This is easy with a common 24V system: in the simplest of applications, a trigger signal is required and an output signal given. The mini keyboard and the monitor are simple plug and go units.

System components

  • Colour camera with integrated image processing and light
  • Installation box including: flashlight module, 24V power supply; all connections on one DIN rail
  • Camera and box are connected by cable pipe with L=1.3 m (optional lengths up to 4 m)
  • Optional: small PLC for control error shift ejection memory and ejection
  • Terminal with LCD screen and mini keyboard


System features

  • Compact colour image processing powered by a signal processor, with a 4-colour resolution function
  • Camera chip resolution 512x512 pixels
  • Operation via menu window on a monitor
  • Input via mini keyboard, PC or laptop.


Technical data

Colour ring ampoule control

Up to a maximum of 4 rings and 9 colours per ring
with adjustable tolerance of:

  • ring width
  • ring interval
  • horizontal breaks
  • colour deviations

Colour field vial control

two window control for

  • flip-off colour caps (up to 25 colours)
  • and anodised aluminium caps (up to 5 colours)

both as a 2-digit code combination colour
and brightness correction window


  • Up to 300 scans/minute as standard version
  • up to 500 scans/minute with enhanced version


Scanning distance

  • 80 mm with flat optics
  • 45 mm with 90° angle optics



by external flashlight module and glass fibre line into the camera.
Camera can take objects moving or static

Dimensions (LxBxH)

  • 270 x 60 x 60 mm with 90° optics
  • 244 x 60 x 60 mm with 0° optics

(dimensions without cable output)

power supply

230V AC


  • RS 232 bi-directional interface, can also connect to a mini keyboard
  • SVGA analog colour


Inputs 24V DC for

  • trigger
  • return
  • programme release
  • teach-in system


Outputs 24V DC for

  • good signal
  • poor signal
  • internal flashlight trigger
  • and “system active”


Technical data are subject to modification.




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