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Optical Character Recognition/Verification

Intelligent Image Processing Camera for Optical Character Recognition/Verification and for Code Control.


This intelligent camera system is designed for the fast and safe reading of printed characters, logos and icons, as well as for controlling pharma binary code, code 39, Code Interleaved 2/5 and additional print marks.


  • Variable data
  • Symbols, icons & logos
  • 4 lines with up to 20 characters
  • Reading under 90 angle
  • Code Reading of Pharma binary code, Code 39, Interleaved 2/5
  • Control of print marks
  • Short evaluation period: 4ms per character, 40ms per barcode
  • Teach-In function or manual input of reference
    Format-/product data base
  • CFR 21 Part 11 option

Reading on different packaging materials is possible, e.g.

* tubes
* cans
* vignettes
* cartons
* leaflets
* labels

The most important faults of stamp, hot stamp block, thermal transfer, laser or ink-jet printers are monitored. The system has a training function for specific characters and therefore provides a very broad tolerance range. Character sets and reading window positions, once teached in, can be stored and released as "fonts" and "formats".
Up to 4 lines (windows) with up to 20 characters per line can be controlled. An additional window is available for code control. The windows can be positioned perpendicular to each other. Presence of printing colours and marks can also be controlled.

System Components
The small camera head includes all essential parts, including illumination, optics and video unit, in a compact housing meeting GMP standards. Therefore the camera can be installed even in areas with restricted space.
The control unit is separated from the camera head and also has very small dimensions. Connectable to the camera system are the operator terminal with flat LCD monitor and keyboard, other PCE code reader input devices, laptops and other options.

Fault Analysis

The camera reads all characters within the interested area of the label. The result of the reading process is compared with the reference text, e.g. label number, expiry date, batch number, etc., entered at the begin of a batch or at the start of production. The label is released only if correspondence is detected. Statistics including fault analysis are recorded:

Fault recognition:

* reversed characters
* smeared characters
* eroded characters
* contact between characters
* missing characters

Automatic teach-in is possible by a simple push-button step. In addition, manual input can be done via mini keypad, laptop or LAN.
Optics are easily and simply focussed by two spot LEDs. A manual trigger is integrated.
The camera system can be networked together with other PCE code reading units. The Datamatrix camera is address-able without restrictions.

Technical Data


* Characters & figures
* Icons, logos, symbols
* Control of print marks
* Up to 4 lines of text
* Up to 20 characters per line
* 90 angle between lines
* Eval period 4ms / character
* Reading distance 50 - 150mm

Code Reading

* Pharma binary code
* Code 39
* Interleaved 2/5
* Eval period 40ms / code
* Reading distance 50 - 150mm


* 48 super bright white LEDs


* Power supply
* 2 inputs 24V DC for
- trigger
- confirmation
* 2 outputs 24V DC for
- OK pulse/ECC level
- system active
* Digital interface RS232
* Display output SVGA analog

Power Supply

* +24V DC
current ca. 250mA


* Camera head WxHxD 60x61x40mm (with cable outlet H=79mm)
* Camera connector cable Standard=1,5m
* Camera control unit WxHxD 160x67x80mm

Technical data are subject to modification.

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