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HM 200R


Balcony construction - HM 200R

Flexible for frequent changes in production schedules

The most modern pharmaceutical and contract packaging systems are required to fulfill Just-In-Time production schedules to meet ever changing customer needs.

Moreover we are required to constantly keep up to-date with GMP directives, and safety of products through production information management by computerized documentation systems.

Generally, the most essential issue that our customers consider is to find ways to save production costs, and one way is by applying production automation.

HM200R meets our customer's needs with design inovations such as :



1Industrial PC control system with color touchscreen interface which is 21 CFR PART 11 compliant.



1Servo control technology allows easy and quick adjustment of Indexing, convenient format change over, accurate operation, etc.



2Convenient connection to cartoner by single or dual lane discharge.



3Flexible for frequent changes in production schedules by means of 15-25 minute changeover time.


4Continuous motion drum sealing in dual lane produces high outputs of more than 200 blisters per minute with the most efficient use of floor space, at only 2.6m machine length.



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