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Colour Blister-Inspection
Hi-Tech Industry PC based on Microsoft Windows System

Powerfull precision colour blister-inspection system, which consistently fulfils FDA requirements.

  • The operation and protocol can be added on the basis of the FDA requirements for camera systems, CFR21 Part11
  • Easy programming of articles with the internal Wizard
  • Up to 18 geometrical and coloured measure parameters, which enable the recognition of faults that were not recognisable so far in all foils
  • Remote-Service via telephone line, ISDN or internet:
    Fast service on call - even for article programming of difficult products
  • Even the slightest colour deviations can be detected with help of the colour measure parameters


Move your cursor over the following image in order to see what type of error our blister inspection system can detect:



Inspects all tablets and capsules on all foils for:

  • colour, size, shape, symmetry, area
  • difference in area >5%
  • chipped tablet >2%
  • black spots >0,4mm
  • fragments in cavity
  • double fillings
  • position, area, angle
  • surface structure
  • faulty position
  • spliced foils



  • teach-in Wizard
  • remote service
  • remote assistance
  • charge-management
  • GAMP qualification documents
  • CFR 21 Part 11





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